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Withdrawals and Shipping

Shuttle Service

- exclusive vehicle

- rate inclusive of the first 200 km


Transport of Hanging Clothes

- vehicles equipped with hanging garments system

- possibility of loading sequence desired, by season, model, size etc.


NORTHERN ITALY : collection, transport, delivery

CENTRO / SUD ITALIA : collaboration with professionals

ABROAD : mainly France, Switzerland, Germany.

In case of completion of customs procedures, we provide customer assistance directly, collaborating with specialists in the import-export sector.

On request:

- unloading reservation

- compliance with the mandatory date

- exchange of pallets (EUR / EPAL) between sender and recipient

Material Storage

MXS can boast a high quality standard, thanks to the speed and flexibility of responses, customer management, the logistics process followed exclusively by company employees.


The offer includes:

- processing of garments on site thanks to dedicated laboratories

- management and handling of marketing products

- processing and sorting of products

- preparation and order fulfillment

- material storage


Processing and Sorting

MXS offers services of:

- Processing of incoming clothing

- Sample processing

- Sorting generic goods

- Stock processing for orders on order

- Returns management

- Distribution Italy / Abroad

- Drafting of product catalogs in stock

- Cataloging marketing articles


We have the possibility to make each customer's own stock catalog available, thanks to the integration with our Mago4 warehouse management system.


Dispaly Set ups

MXS has adapted to new market demands and today is able to provide the following services:

- Store / Shop in Shop set up

- Dismantling Store / Shop in Shop

- Furniture creations on request

- Support for setting up and dismantling showcases

- Fair material storage

- Photo books on IT support

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